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Enviromental Location
Accommodations in Taitung [ 2018-05-17 ]
Accommodations in Taitung
Before you come to Taitung , here is some recommended information about food, clothing, accommodation, transportation that you must know...
Types of Classrooms [ 2016-10-18 ]

Except from the office in the College of Humanities building, there are several classrooms in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and also some spaces in the library provided for academic use.Besides, there are many restaurants, convenience stores and, several sports fields in the campus.

Location [ 2016-10-06 ]

Our Center is located on Third Floor of College of Humanities building. The downtown of Taitung is about 10 kilograms away from the school. The famous scenic area- Zhiben hot spring.
Surround the Zhiben Campus is the zhiben agricultural land; Northwest boarder intersection is the 57 Country road...

Transportation [ 2016-10-06 ]

By Car Drive from Hualien to Taitung along Provincial highway No. 9 to Beinan township Dongxing village and cross the bridge. Then turn left to Da xue road and go straight ahead, you will arrive at the campus gate in approximately 5 minutes. To drive from Provincial highway No. 11,...