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Life Conversation Courses 

Weekly Hours


2021 Life Conversation Courses 


(4 hours in classroom,

4 hours online conversation)

  • 8 hours per week,8 weeks in total, language courses and conversation practice are included
  • Small group interaction
  • Full Mandarin immersion environment
  • competence-based class grouping

Course Fees

Course/Hourly Fee



3-5 students 

6 - 8 students

Tutoring Session

Original$ 685

Special Offer
NTD$ 500

NTD$ 300

NTD$ 250

NTD$ 200


1. The above unit prices for are listed per person/course (50 minutes per course)

2. The charging standards reflect the latest announcements from our official website

3. Location:National Taitung University, Zhiben Campus

※If there are more than two students at a time, only group registration is accepted; for individual registration, please choose a one-on-one course

※Course fees includes language & cultural courses and conversation practice. Student dormitories are provided (4-person room). Meals cost extra.

Registration Procedure:

1. Online Registration

2. Payment Notification & Remittance

  • Payment notification will be sent to your email. Please remit the deposit (NTD $15,000) to "National Taitung University"
  • For making a payment on-site please go to department office or remitting money at a bank. Please remember that every bank charges service fees

3. Scan the Remittance Receipt 

  • Scan the receipt and send it to nttucltsc@gm.nttu.edu.tw *Please add student's name and the title of the course "Life Conversation Courses"

4. Successful Registration

  • You will be notified after we successfully receive your receipt and payment