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 Q&A For Visa



Q1.How to apply for a visa? What type of visas should I apply for?

Students should apply and present the CLTSC admission letter to the nearest ROC embassy, consulate, or representative agency for a visitor visa. Admission letters are only valid for the term students apply for. Be sure to apply for a visitor visa specifying study at the CLTSC (visa code: FR.)Reference website:https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-8-171-fd361-1.html

Q2.How long can I stay on a visitor visa?

Usually, FR visas allow holders to remain in Taiwan for 60 or 90 days. Extendable visas may be extended for a maximum stay of up to 180 days. If visas are non- extendable or when no further extensions are granted, the holders must leave Taiwan to obtain a new visa.

Q3.My country is on the list of 30-days visa exempt countries. Can I come to study without applying for a visa?

As a 30-day visa-exempt entry is not extendable, students must leave Taiwan to apply for a new visa from abroad after the visa exemption period expires. For students' convenience, we do not recommend students to come to Taiwan on 30-day visa exempt entry since a regular term at CLTSC lasts for 3 months.

Q4.My country is on the list of 90-days visa exempt countries. Can I come to study without applying for a visa?

As 90-days visa-exempt entry allows students enough time to complete one term's study with CLTSC, it is possible to come to Taiwan without applying for a visa. However, you may miss a few days of class depending on the date of your entry, please consult CLTSC's calendar before making your travel plans. Make sure your passport has at least 6-month validity upon entry. You must also present a confirmed seat reservation for departure to the immigration officers. Attention: 90-day visa-exempt entry is not extendable (except for UK & Canada citizens,) students must leave Taiwan and enter again if they wish to continue their studies. If you plan to study in Taiwan for a longer period of time and do not wish to leave Taiwan every 90 days, we still recommend that you obtain an extendable visa before coming to Taiwan.

Q5.My visa will be EXPIRED in just a few days before the last day for class. Can I still extend my visa to complete my study?

If the expiration date is not far away from the last day of class, students may apply for an extension for a short grace period (usually no more than 10 days) so they can complete their study and leave Taiwan without applying for a new visa. However, please note that only the Immigration Agency holds the authority to grant/deny the extensions.

Q6.I want to study for three terms or longer. How can I stay longer without having to leave the country?

Students who have studied in the CLTSC for 4 months consecutively and have never left Taiwan during the period can apply for a resident visa if they wish to study for three terms or more. With a resident visa, they may apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes requires a guarantor before a resident visa can be issued. CLTSC does not act as a guarantor for any student.

Q7.How to apply for a resident visa for language studies?

Please submit the following items to the Bureau of Consular Affairs to apply for a resident visa:
1.Certificate of Enrollment (must include Enrollment for the next term also)
2.Certificate of Attendance
3.Resident Visa Application Form
4.Financial Statement (the equivalent value of NT$ 80,000 at minimum)
5.Study Plan
6.Passport (original& photocopy)
7.Two 2-inch photos
8.Application Fee (NT$3,000 to 4,000)
9.Health Check Result
It takes 2 weeks to process the application. To Avoid your visitor visa expiring before your resident visa application is granted, you must submit your resident visa application one month before your visitor visa expires.

Q8.I am admitted to an undergraduate/postgraduate degree program. Can I change my visa for language studies to a resident visa for degree studies?

If you have a visitor visa for language studies and want to change it into a resident visa for degree studies, you need to submit the following 10 items to the Bureau of Consular Affairs:
1.University's admission letter
2.Certificate of Enrollment
3.Certificate of Enrollment of attendance issued be the language center
4.Student ID of the language center
5.Resident Visa Application Form
6.Two 2-inch passport photos (the color of the background must be white)
7.The original passport
8.The photocopy of passport
9.The original physical examination
10.Financial Statement(an equivalent value of NT$150,000 at minimum)
11.The original diploma of the highest degree
12.The photocopy of diploma of the highest degree
13.Registration bill

Q9.I am studying in another language center. Can I transfer to the NTTU next term?

Yes. You need to apply and register in the CLTSC first. Then, please present the following items:
1.Certificate of Enrollment issued by your current language center
2.Record of Attendance issued by your current language center
3.Certificate of Enrollment issued by the CLTSC
4.Admission Letter issued by the CLTSC
In order to change the language center stated on your visa, please go to the National Immigration Agency.

Q10.Can I take a part-time job if I stay in Taiwan on a visa for language studies?

Students who have studied in a language center for one year and have an ARC can apply for a part-time work permit. Foreigners who don't have a work permit cannot work in Taiwan. To apply for a work permit, CLTSC students must go to CLTSC Office to apply for CLTSC's approval to apply for a work permit. After obtaining the approval, submit your application to the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training. Working hours for part-time work permit holders cannot exceed 16 hours per week.

Q11.Can I apply for a a year';s worth of classes then apply for a visa?

No, CLTSC's academic terms are only 3-months long, and you can only apply for one term (or 1-month summer session) each time. Applicants can use the admission letter to apply for a 60- or 90-day extendable visitor visa for language studies. If you would like to study for more than one term, please pay for the next term's tuition fee at the end of the current term. Please extend your visa two weeks or one month before your visa expiration date.

Q12.I have already studied Chinese in Taiwan for 2 years. If I want to continue studying, can I extend My ARC?

ARCs for language studies can only be extended for up to 2 years. After the period of stay reaches 2 years, you need to leave the country, and re-apply for another visitor visa for language studies with the documents issued by the language center and other required documents. Whether your visa application is approved is at the discretion of the Taiwan consulates.

Q13.I just resigned from my job, can I change my ARC for employment to an ACR for language studies?

No, you cannot change your visa to a different purpose of stay in Taiwan. You need to leave Taiwan and present the following items:
1.CLTSC's admission letter
2.Other documents for visa application
in order to apply for a visitor visa for language studies (visa code: FR), please go to Taiwan consulates overseas.

Q14.Can I take my children to Taiwan while I am studying Chinese here?

You can apply for a visitor visa for dependent relatives after you receive an ARC for language studies. However, the CLTSC is bound by the government's law to take tuition payment for one term only each time. As a result, your children cannot apply for a resident visa for dependent relatives until you receive your ARC.


Q&A For Accommodation



Q1.Do you provide the accomodation?

Yes,NTTU Provide the Guesthouse in Taitung campus(near by the Taitung city).
Guesthouse more information:https://coce.nttu.edu.tw/p/412-1005-7964.php

Q2.How mouch the NTTU's accomodation has to pay it?

The Guesthouse in Taitung campus is NT$10,000 per month and provide the double room(including the bath room and other equipment).
For More information:https://cltsc.nttu.edu.tw/p/412-1049-8608.php?Lang=en

Q3.How is the dormitory environment?

The Guesthouse in Taitung campus contains bathroom equipment, air conditioning, personal wardrobe, storage drawers.

Q4.When do I have to pay my dormitory fee?

On the first day of the guest House, you can pay your accommodation fee at the counter.

Q5.Could I get to the dormitory early?

Yes,please inform the CLTSC in advance and we will help you to inform the guesthouse to arrange it.

Q7.Does the dormitory provide mattresses or pillows??

If you apply for long-term accommodation, personal hygiene items such as bed bags, sheets, toothbrushes and towels are not provided. Please prepare them by yourself.

Q8.Could I pay my dormitory fee by credit card?

NO,we only can accept cash.


Q&A For Scholarship



Q1.I want to learn Chinese.Is there any shcolarship I can apply it ? How to apply?

Taiwan's government provide the Huayu scholarship.The application duration is Febuary to March every year(The content of the notice please follow the ROC embassy in advance in your country.)
You can apply for 3 months,6 months.9 months,12months.
In principle, the duration of the award is from September 1 of the current year to August 31 of the next year, and the monthly scholarship is NT $25,000.
The Huayu scholarship website:https://taiwanscholarship.moe.gov.tw/web/index.aspx

Q2.Do I have to apply for a visa to study Chinese to apply for the Huayu scholarship?

Yes. The Huayu scholarship awarded will get a Resident Visas for Overseas Chinese Students.

Q3.I have been admitted to the Huayu Scholarship, are there any regulations that I should pay attention to?

a. The Scholarship will be suspended for one month, if the recipient has missed 12 hours or more of their language course within a single month.
b. Starting from the first semester (quarter), if the recipient fails to obtain the specified standard score by the university (an average of 80 points out of 100), his/her scholarship will be suspended for a month in the next semester (quarter).
c. The recipient of a nine month or longer scholarship without a Level 3 or above TOCFL certificate within 2 years prior to enrollment must hand in the cerfificate or transcript one month before the end of the scholarship term. If he/she fails to do so, the scholarship will be suspended for one month.
For more regulation,please follow the Huayuscholarship's website:https://taiwanscholarship.moe.gov.tw/web/pages.aspx?p=7

Q4.Do I need to provide a financial statement when I'm a HES student? I can provide it if necessary.

Yes, please provide the financial statements (formal document from the Bank).Althought you are the MOE huayu scholarship awarded but the ROC embassy still asks you to provide all the formal documents.

Q5.Can the tuition fee be paid or postponed after the Huayu Scholarship is awarded or awarded?

If you are attending the Huayu scholarship, but you are not sure whether you will be admitted or not, please let me know immediately after the announcement of the scholarship enrollment list(please provide the Huayu scholarship awarded's proofing) and pay part of the tuition fee as soon as possible.

Q6.Will the scholarship money received by participants be automatically deducted according to the language course fees by the language center or will participants pay manually and arrange the course payments themselves?

When you become a Huayu scholarship awarded, please prepare for at least three months of living expenses to live in Taiwan and pay tuition fees.
You have to apply for the formal documents after arriving in Taiwan (obtaining a residence permit for foreigners, and opening a Taiwanese bank account). We will hold all the official documents and help you apply for the scholarship to the Ministry of Education, and the scholarship will be transferred to your Taiwan bank account before it can be transferred. Please pay tuition and living expenses by yourself first.


Q&A For Chinese program



Q1.What kind of courses does the NTTUCLTSC offer?

The CLTSC's Chinese course including seasonal program,customed individual program,daily conversation courses,NTTU international students Chinese program,short-term Chinese camp and teacher traning program. You can visit our website to know more about foreign courses, such as English, Vietnam, Korean, Japanese etc:https://cltsc.nttu.edu.tw/p/412-1049-10778.php If you want to learn Chinese,please follow the seasonal program,customed individual program,daily conversation courses,NTTU international students Chinese program.

Q2.How much is the tuition fee?

It varies according to the number of people and classes.

Q3.May I ask what textbooks do you use for class?

The textbooks used in each class are different according to the learning needs and the teacher's curriculum arrangement. Students can purchase textbooks online by themselves, or ask the Chinese Language Center to order them for you (if you need to order them, please contact us. Paid for textbooks in advance).

Q4.May I ask whether the class is taught in Chinese or English?

NTTUCLTSC's students come from all over the world, not everyone can speak English, and in order to help you learn faster and more efficiently, our teachers use Chinese teaching!

Q5.Would you like to learn simplified or traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin or Zhuyin?

We mainly teach traditional Chinese characters and pinyin. If you have special learning needs, you can discuss with the teachers. The teachers in our center are all capable of teaching traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, pinyin, and phonetic notation. Customized special classes will be adjusted according to the needs of students.

Q6.Do I need an exam?

In order to regularly check your learning effectiveness, teachers will regularly arrange mid-term exams, final exams and quizzes.

Q7.Do you offer language exchange?

NTTUCLTSC will select qualified language learning partners and arrange them according to the students who apply for language exchange.

Q8.Do you offer any activities or courses other than language classes?

NTTUCLTSC organize 2-3 cultural experience activities or outdooor activity from time to time within a year, and foreign students of the NTTUCLTSC can participate for free.

Q9.May I pay with credit card or mobile payment?

No, NTTU only accepts international remittance or cash payment.

Q10.What is the deadline for registration?

For the seasonal program, please refer to the deadline for it. Other classes will be discussed according to the registration process.

Q11.How do I know which level of class I am in?

Please choose the class according to your personal situation and needs. If you are not sure, you can call or email to the NTTUCLTSC to ask.

Q12.What if I want a refund?

The refund is for tuition only. The first registration fee, insurance fee, and teaching materials fee have been purchased and no finished product will be refunded. The registration fee will be refunded to the full amount of tuition fees one day before the start of the course. If the class does not exceed one-third of the quarter, the refund will be 50%. More than one-third of the class will not be refunded.If you are unable to continue the class due to force majeure. The applicant may apply to the CTSSC within one week after the incident, and go through the relevant procedures according to the refund policy of the center. After the approval of the director of the center, the refund will be processed. The application time for refunding shall be subject to the application documents received by the CLTSC, and the refund process shall be about 7-10 working days.

Q13.I want to learn Chinese, but I am not sure which course to apply for.

For applicants aiming to gain visa for studying Chinese purpose in the future, it must take theSeasonal Chinese program.
Other residents who already have legal visas may also take the Seasonal Chinese program.
However, students who can't attend the group classes due to time conflict or with different learning needs, Individual Class/Customized Chinese Class can be considered.

Q14.When applying for the course, is it allowed to apply for more than one term of Seasonal Chinese program?

Please select the term(season) you would like to start with your studies when registering online,and tell us how long you would like to study Chinese at the NTTUCLTSC.

Q15.Are the Chinese Classes taught during the day from Monday to Friday?

Students' study of Seasonal Chinese program is conducted in groups in this course. Seasonal Chinese program runs during the day every Monday to Friday(9:00a.m.-12:00p.m or 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m. ). However, students who can't attend the group classes due to time conflict or with different learning needs, Individual Class/Customized Chinese Class, Short-term Mandarin Course or Online Mandarin Course can be considered.

Q16.Can I sit in the Chinese course?

We haven't provide it.Please email or call to us to discuss it if you have special demands.

Q17.Does the Seasonal Chinese program tuition fee include miscellaneous fees?

Not included.Seasonal Chinese program tuition fee does not include registration fee, other insurance fee, teaching materials fees, dormitory fees and others.

Q18.If there is a typhoon coming tomorrow, will the Language Center suspend the class?

In case of natural disasters such as typhoons, extremely heavy rain, or unforeseen factors, the standards for the suspension of classes in the Language Center are based on the announcement of the website of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration,Executive Yuan.https://www.dgpa.gov.tw/typh/daily/nds.html

Q19.before arriving to Taiwan, I'd have to pay the registration fees and some other fees by an international bank transfer?

Please pay the new register fee NT$1000+partical tuition fee NT$10,000 first before you arrive in Taiwan. It has to transfer by an international bank. After you arrive Taiwan, you can pay the fee by On-site payment: or Bank remittance.

Q20.Can the tuition fee payment be paid in monthly installments or must it be paid in full upfront in full?

The tuition fee has to pay full per term before the class start.


Q&A For Living



Q1.This is my first time in Taiwan. Could you help me adapt to life in Taiwan?

We will arrange Chinese language partners for you. They are Taiwanese and can help you adapt to life in Taiwan.

Q2.Do you provide pick-up service?

Sorry,we haven't. About the traffic please follow our website of Student's area.

Q3.I don't have insurance, can you help apply for me?

The Ministry of Education stipulates that foreign students who come to Taiwan to study Chinese must have compulsory insurance.
10.2 For students studying in CLTSC, our center has a cooperative insurance company that can assist in insuring accident medical insurance, medical insurance and accident insurance that need to pay NT$2000 for one year.
10.3 Students who want to apply for insurance, please apply for the insurance at the same time on the day of registration; if you want to renew the insurance, please contact the center during the last week of the current course.

Q4.Do you provide student ID card?

After officially enrolling, the CLTSC will issue the student ID card to provide the student's identity and the entrance and exit of the school.


Q&A For Other



Q1.Where is the Chinese Language Teaching and Study Center of Naitional Taitung University?

H306-5 3rd. Floor DCLL Research Project Center, College of Humanities, No. 369, Sec. 2, University Rd., Taitung,Taiwan

Q2.Does Chinese Language Teaching and Study Center of Naitional Taitung University offer scholarships?

Yes,NTTUCLTSC offer the TOCFL Huayu scholarship.Other scholarship pelase follow the scholarship websitre:

Q3.Does that mean that at some point in the last 3 months, I should have had at least 2000$ in my bank account or that I have to have it right now? Does it have to show the whole 3 months or only a day in the last 3 months when I had at least 2000$ in my account?

Your bank account total has to reach US$2000.Although you are the MOE Huayu scholarship applicant now, the ROC embassy still asks you to provide all the formal documents.