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In line with the government's promotion of foreign language study, including promoting globalization efforts on campus, making use of the Chinese Department's specialization in language study, and offering foreign exchange opportunities. Thus, the National Taitung University established the "Chinese Language Teaching and Research Center"  on September 5, 2016 , advocating the foreign language teaching related to foreign affairs."National Taitung University Chinese Language Teaching and Research Center" (here in after referred to as the center) set up the goals as:
I. Set up personal and online Chinese language courses.
II. Implement the Chinese language proficiency examination
III. Promote the local and overseas education of Chinese language
IV. Manage educational tours of overseas students in Taiwan
V. Develop research related to Chinese language and construct information resources
VI. Conduct training courses for the Chinese teachers
VII.  Research and development of teaching materials
VIII. Provide practicum for Chinese teaching
IX. Increase the visibility of overseas student recruitment
X.  Accept commission from government agencies, schools, domestic and foreign, public and private institutions and groups, and provide Chinese language training courses as well as other related affairs.    
In recent years, the Department of Chinese Language has been engaged in a variety of Chinese language teaching activities, including OCAC online courses for overseas Chinese teachers, the Ministry of Education’s training courses for returning overseas students, overseas Chinese summer camps, and dispatch bachelor and master degree holders to the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Panama, New Zealand, the Philippines and other mainstream schools for internship and online Chinese language teaching. Aside from Chinese language teaching activities, this research center also expects to lead the learners to Chinese language teaching through the advanced technology and network platform. Moreover, this center also expects to promote and provide more activities and researches related to Chinese language teaching and learning.
National Taitung University offers excellent learning environment for Chinese learners, including the beautiful, convenient and comfortable campus, the new and well-equipped teaching spaces, the top library equipment in Taiwan, comprehensive and well-established sports and health center, etc., all beneficial for research and development.
The eastern part of Taiwan is regarded as a place of multiculturalism. There are bountiful and colourful multicultural celebrations  for one to experience the diverse ethnic culture. Surrounded by the greenish scenery of the four seasons, under high skies and by the blue seas, students can cultivate broad minds through visiting Mother nature. The east coast and the idyllic scenery are elegant and charming and also capable of providing diverse ritutals and customs for one to experience. Local traffic is unimpeded; railways, highways and airways can easily reach places all over Taiwan.
The Center is co-founded by Associate Professor Fu Jigong of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and Associate Professor Xu Xiuxia, Associate Professor Shu Zhaomin and Prof. Liu Jingyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Language. The faculty assists in the implementation of the work of the Center, the promotion of related affairs, and establish the localized  Chinese language teaching and research center in the eastern Taiwan.