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Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the border control, and entry to Taiwan need to be quarantined for 3+4days, all the costs happen before the course at least NTD30,000 is maximum, pay in cash. (Including cell phone SIM card, transportation, COVID 19 PCR test, quarantine hotel)

Although the cost of Taitung is lower than that of major cities such as Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, the Chinese Language Center recommends that your financial planning must include tuition, boarding, and lodging, utilities, telephone bills, installation fees, or travel expenses. The following list is for your reference.

Tuition & Fees  Please check the courses page. It may be from which course you join it, usually pay by cash or transfer but didn't accept credit card.
Living expense

 Between NT$5,000-7,000 in Taitung.

  • Traffic:
    • Bus: From Taitung city to the NTTU Zhiben campus almost spend NT$29  a time.
    • Renting a motorcycle: NT$5000-NT$10,000 per month
    • Renting a car: NT$10,000-NT$20,000 per month
  • Insurance: Please take accident health insurance in your country before you come to Taiwan. (The MOE asks foreigners to take it.)
  • Eating: A meal of almost NT$80-NT$150
Accommodation fee  Almost NT$5,000-NT$8,000 per month.
Textbook  According to different courses, is between NT$600-NT$2,000.
Other  Visa: NT$3,000元(Belong USA's passport has to spend NT$4,400元)。
 Alien Resident Certificate: NT$1,000/a year。
 Other entertainment, storage, transportation expenses, etc, depend on personal choice.


  • All the spending has to depend on your expend habit will different, please follow you're expending habit to adjust it.
  • If you are Scholarship awarded, please prepare at least three months' worth of living expenses to live in Taiwan and pay the tuition fee. Your scholarship must be transferred after you reach Taiwan and complete all necessary official documents and procedures (ex. obtain the Alien Resident Certificate, and establish Taiwan's bank account).