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2 month (10 week) course, every day 3 hours (15 hours per week) full Chinese language immersion.

Classes are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

All courses are conducted in Chinese, focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The topics are mainly practical in life, and the content includes diverse themes such as Taiwan’s festival culture and surfing tourism.

Students are taught in small group classes, with 4 to 15 students in each class.

Teachers will provide assistance and guidance based on students' learning situation.



According to students' language ability, use teaching materials of various levels and diversified themes.

Teachers will supplement relevant topics based on students' learning needs.

Used textbooks: "Contemporary Chinese Course"當代中文課程, "Time Chinese"時代華語》, "Practical Audiovisual Chinese"實用視聽華語



CLTSC holds variety cultural excursions, help students and language partner experience Taitung’s rich and diverse culture.

Festival Celebration/Tribal exploration/Tourist Attraction/Cultural Exchange



Each students will have 2 language partners to help living in Taitung and Chinese language tutoring.

The center will have teaching assistant from 1pm to 3pm every Monday, tutoring on schoolwork related questions.





Spring Term


Summer Term


Fall Term


Winter Term

Tuition Fee





Class Hours

 15 Hours/Week

 15 Hours/Week

 15 Hours/Week

 15 Hours/Week

Course Dates
















Application Deadlines























1.The application day, registration day, and class start and end dates, in the event of a national holiday, typhoon, natural disaster, etc., announcing the suspension of work will be postponed one day.
2.Classes with more than 4 applicants will be charged according to the center's charging standards. If the number of applicants does not reach the enrollment quota, the center reserves the right to review and postpone the enrollment time or cancel the class. The charges for the number of students who have not reached the start of the class will be charged in accordance with the charging standards of the center.
3.The class time will be arranged between 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday. The seasonal program will usually be arranged at 9:00-12:00 a.m./2:00-5:00 p.m. The detailed time will be coordinated with the course students and teachers.
4.If there is any adjustment, and the center reserves the right to adjust and notify.




1.The tuition fee does not include textbooks and teaching materials.
2.Demanded by the Ministry of Education, students apply for Visitor Visa for Chinese courses (visa code: FR) need to have class from Monday to Friday at least 15 hours per week.
3.Applicants who have received scholarships from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please note that the center can only apply for scholarships from the Ministry of Education/Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the students register. The operation process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Students should ensure that they have sufficient funds to pay the tuition fees and living expenses for the first month in Taiwan.
1.Seasonal program has a minimum sign-up number of 4, subject to 9-person class. If the students are less than 5, class will not start and the students are entitled to a full refund. Or students can change to other classes depending on the level, and students need to pay for the tuition difference.
2.Refund refer solely to tuition refunds. Registration fee, insurance and other textbook fee will not be refunded. Students who summit a refund form one day before the course starts are entitled to 100% refund of the tuition; before passing the first third of the total class hours are entitled to a 50% refund; no refund will be granted after the first third of the total class hours.
3.If the course cannot open due to the shortage of enrolled students or the class is full, students can apply for refund 7 days before the class start.. Entitled to a full refund or students can maintain it for next semester, but only for one semester.
4.Students who cannot attend the class due to the force majeure need to submit a refund request within a week. The refund application time is subject to the application documents received by the center, the process will take about 7-10 days.