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【CLTSC】2022 Chinese winter seasonal program(2022.11.21-2023.02.03) be enorlling! Welcome foreign friends who want to learn Chinese with us to join our Chinese course.

🎉Chinese winter seasonal program be enorlling!🎉


📣 Chinese winter seasonal program application will be accepted on 2022/10/20!

Autumn haspassed quietly, and Taitung in winter has a different beautiful scenery! We sincerely invites You, who want to learn Chinese or improve Chinese, come to Taitung to learn Chinese and experience a different cultural customs in Taitung with us.​👫📖

Note:Due to the COVID-19, all the entering Taiwan procedures have to follow the MOE and CDC's rules. Please leave at least 1.5 months to apply for visa and entry permit.

🙋Register now: https://reurl.cc/8pxbKy

🖥More info: https://reurl.cc/82qeOy​

👉About us: https://reurl.cc/vnx70y

Chinese winter seasonal program be enorlling!

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