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【CLTSC】Chinese summer seasonal program enrolling! Deadline 2023.05.15







🙋‍♂️現在報名: https://reurl.cc/8pxbKy

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🚩Chinese summer seasonal program enrolling !

Are you interested in learning Chinese? Would you like to come to Taiwan to learn Chinese?

Welcome to Taitung University to study Chinese with us!

All courses are conducted in Chinese and divided into different levels, even if you don't have any foundation, you can find the most suitable way to learn Chinese here.

The topics are mainly practical in life, and the content includes diverse themes such as Taiwan’s festival culture and surfing tourism.

There are beautiful mountains and seas in Taitung. You can plan a trip anywhere or enjoy the local food in the restaurant out of a Chinese course.

It honors to invite you to Taitung University to study Chinese with us.

🙋‍♂️Register now: https://reurl.cc/8pxbKy

🔎More info: https://reurl.cc/82qeOy

👍About us: https://reurl.cc/vnx70y


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