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By Car

Drive from Hualien to Taitung along Provincial highway No. 9 to Beinan township Dongxing village and cross the bridge. Then turn left to Da xue road and go straight ahead, you will arrive at the campus gate in approximately 5 minutes. To drive from Provincial highway No. 11, along Linhai road then across Fengyuan bridge. Keep driving for approximately 500 meters, turn right on Daxue road, and abou 5 minutes you will arrive at the school gate.


By Bus

Take the bus from Taitung City Station to Taitung University Station by Dingdong Bus (Mountain Line). Please visit the passenger transportation company website for detailed timetable.(http://dga.nttu.edu.tw/files/13-1028-43557-1.php)。


By Train

Alight from the Zhiben Train Station and take a taxi for about 10 minutes (6.5 km), then you will arrive at the campus.



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